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Hugs & Cuddles

Composed by a multidisciplinary team, our goal is to focus on the structure of the modern family and it’s needs. We are highly qualified professionals, who are able to speak a variety of languages and adapt to the wants of your family.

Bearing in mind guiding principles like honesty, professionalism, happiness, balance, our mission, is to assist parents in the complex task of raising their children.

Through Hugs & Cuddles, EliteCare,  will provide you with a personalised work plan that pairs your education requirements with the love and care that each child needs and deserves to become a balanced and happy individual.


A Nanny PA would be an ideal solution for those families with school-age children, who need childcare but can’t offer enough hours for a professional Nanny.


Families with school-age children need a professional Nanny, who can provide excellent homework support and educational guidance, who can guide and mentor children, and provide them with a caring and nurturing home environment whilst the parents are at work. Nanny PA will also combine her childcare duties with managing a busy household, just as a professional personal assistant would do.


An ideal option for families in these situations is a Nanny PA (Personal Assistant). Whilst the children are at school, the Nanny PA can assist with planning and booking holiday itineraries, managing household accounts, organising daily family needs like dropping off the dry-cleaning, taking pets to the vet, arranging household grocery orders/purchases, organising household repairs etc. Some parents are self-employed, or run small businesses from home, and involve their Nanny PA in admin or basic bookkeeping duties. Nanny PAs are professional and hard working individuals who can identify needs within the household and will incorporate these needs within their daily duties. When the children are home, their attention and focus will be entirely on the children, supervising homework and school projects, taking them to activities, classes and play dates, preparing meals and snacks etc.


A Nanny PA is an excellent option for families requiring childcare, who can’t offer enough hours for a professional Nanny, and who can utilise the Nanny’s organisational skills for the benefit of the household. Nanny PAs enjoy these positions because it gives them the opportunity of combining their passion for working with children, with the variety of PA and household support duties.


Customer satisfaction is our primary goal therefore, we offer highly experienced Nannies and Babysitters, and an excellent service.






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